The Small Flexible Unit to Start Up Your Coating Business

Very affordable & competitive while providing your customers with ALL

  • "Standard" Coatings like AlTiN
  • "State of the Art" Coatings like AlCrN &
  • "Future" Coatings like TripleCoatings

Additional Upgrade Option:

  • DLC Coatings
  • Bring Coating Expertise "In-house"
  • Offer Rush Orders and Delivery with Coating Included
  • Reduced Operating Costs for Coating, Packing & Handling, Shipping
  • Offer a Highly Flexible Production Schedule Yielding with Low Inventory Level
  • Dedicated Coating Properties for Your Tools
  • High Reliability - High Quality Build
  • Environmentally-friendly Process

General Information

  • Compact hardcoating unit
  • Based on PLATIT LARC® technology (LAteral Rotating Cathodes)
  • Coating on tool steels (TS) above 230°C, high speed steels (HSS) 350 - 500°C and on tungsten carbide (WC) between 350 - 550°C
Hard Coatings
  • Monolayers, Multilayers, Nanogradients, Nanolayers, Nanocomposites, and their combinations
  • Main standard coatings: AlTiN2-Multilayer, nACo2®, nACRo2® , AlCrN3
  • Selected TripleCoatings3® available
  • Foot print: W1890 x D1500 x H2120 mm
  • Vacuum chamber with internal sizes of: W450 x D320(460) x H615 mm
  • Max. size of coatable parts: Ø355 x H500 mm
  • Coatable volume: Ø355 x H460 mm
  • Max. load: 100 kg
  • Turbo molecular pump
  • Revolutionary rotating (tubular) cathode system with 2 LARC® cathodes:
    • LARC® target size: Ø96 x 510 mm
    • Magnetic Coil Confinement (MACC) for ARC control
    • Double wall, stainless steel, water cooled chamber and cathodes
    • Changing time for skilled operator: approx. 15 min / cathode
  • LGD®: LARC® Glow Discharge
  • Ionic plasma cleaning:
    • etching with gas (Ar/H ); glow discharge,
    • metal ion etching (Ti, Cr)
  • Pulsed BIAS supply (350 kHz)
  • Air conditioning for the electric cabinet
  • 5 (+1) gas channels, 5 MFC controlled
  • Special dust filters for heaters (10 kW)
  • Electrical connection: 3x400V, 100A external fuse 50-60 Hz, 30 kVA
  • Dust filter for heaters
  • Carousel drive with high loadability (>150kg)
  • Chamber preheating
  • Changeable door shields
  • Pulsed ARC supplies with low frequency
  • LARC+ cathodes
Electronics and Software
  • Control system with touch-screen menu driven concept
  • No programming knowledge is required for control
  • Data logging and real-time viewing of process parameters
  • Remote diagnostics and control
  • Insite operator's manual and on CD-ROM
  • Enhanced operating software compatible to PI411
Optimal Cycle Times*
  • Shank tools (2 μm): ø 10 x 70 mm, 288 pcs: 4 h
  • Inserts (3 μm): ø 20 x 6 mm, 1680 pcs: 4.5 h
  • Hobs (4 μm): ø 80 x 180 mm, 20 pcs: 6 h

*: The cycle times can be achieved under the following conditions:

  • solid carbide tools (no outgassing necessary)
  • high quality cleaning before the coating process (short etching)
  • continuous operation (pre-heated chamber)
  • 2-cathode processes
  • use of fast cooling (e.g. with helium, opening the chamber at 200°C)
  • 4 (up to 5) processes / day