Dedicated unit for DLC3; Diamond Like Coatings

General Information

  • Dedicated coating unit for DLC3 (ta-C) coatings
  • Based on PLATIT LARC® technology (LAteral Rotating Cathodes)
  • Coating temperature 50°C to 500°C

πsCOAT® - New Innovation

  • π smooth COATING: Straight forward ARC filtering

DLC3 Coatings

  • Standard coatings: VIc3®, cVIc3®, CROMVIc3®
  • Configurations for hard nitride coatings and DLC2 in development


  • Foot print: W1890 x D1598 x H2619 mm
  • Vacuum chamber with internal sizes of: W450 x D320(460) x H615 mm
  • Max. size of coatable parts: Ø355 x H500 mm
  • Coatable volume: Ø355 x H460 mm
  • Max. load: 100 kg
  • Turbo molecular pump
  • Revolutionary rotating (tubular) cathode system with 2 LARC® cathodes:
    • LARC® target size: Ø96 x 510 mm
    • Magnetic Coil Confinement (MACC) for ARC control
    • Double wall, stainless steel, water cooled chamber and cathodes
    • Changing time for skilled operator: approx. 15 min / cathode
  • LGD® : LARC® Glow Discharge
  • Ionic plasma cleaning:
    • etching with gas (Ar); glow discharge,
    • metal ion etching (Ti, Cr)
  • Pulsed BIAS supply (350 kHz / 30 kHz)
  • Air conditioning for the electric cabinet
  • 5 (+1) gas channels, 5 MFC controlled
  • Electrical connection: 3x400V, 80A external fuse 50-60 Hz, 34 kVA

Electronics and Software

  • Control system with touch-screen menu driven concept
  • No programming knowledge is required for control
  • Data logging and real-time viewing of process parameters
  • Remote diagnostics and control
  • Insite operator's manual and on CD-ROM
  • Enhanced operating software compatible to π411

Cycle Times

Depending on the coating temperature 3 - 8 hours

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