Working with us

Platit prides itself on the quality of our machines, parts and of course, equipment. Maintanence is a key factor in ensuring that the quiality of our equipment is upheld, and becuase so, Platit offers our Cathode Exchange program. When having to replace your cathode's, we recommend replacing them with the best, Platit Cathode's.

As a result, the use of our high quality products, Platit will ensure that your machine will run more efficient and longer and will not void the warranty on the machine.

Technical Process:

  • Incoming of the used cathode
  • Disassembly - recycling of the used target
  • Setting mechanical elements and the magnetic field
  • Long testing of the mechanical functions
  • Writing the cathode's identification chip
  • Inserting the new target and full assembly
  • Long testing of the vacuum
  • Burning in under full production conditions

cathode exchange_process

Here are the compatible machines eligible for the cathode exchange program: